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Choosing your house’s exterior paint color may seem like a small thing, but remember that you will be driving home to this place every day. You will see it every time you walk in and out of the door. Make it a color that you love, and not one you have to look away from as you hurry up your driveway. But how do you know which color is right for your home? Explore our top 5 exterior paint colors to see if any of them catch your eye.

Neutral Tones: Grays and Browns

Grays, browns, and other warm hues are very popular right now for a natural, picturesque look. They blend easily with wood or stone themes and are understated, yet refined. Gray can be used in varying combinations to create a home that does not stand out but holds its ground as beautiful. Browns can create a earthy, solid effect and makes the home feel grounded.

Some opt for an in-between color by painting their house wheat. It has all the benefits of a naturalistic color with added vibrancy and a more “clean” feeling.

White or Off-White

Both classic choices, white or off-white coloring can give your house a timeless feeling. If using stark white coloring, try to balance it with some undertones of a more muted color: this can give it added warmth. All-white can feel boring or too bright: offsetting it with shutters or trim in a different color can create a beautiful accent.

Off-white is more traditional and can give a home a creamy, welcoming tone. Again, accent with a more vibrant color for best results.

Lighthouse Red

Want to go bold and bright? Lighthouse red may be your color. Red is a traditional yet refreshing color and creates a passionate feeling on a home. It also provides a beautiful contrast with the sky above, creating a home that is as vibrant as it is friendly.

Shades of Blue

Light blue looks especially wonderful on Victorian houses or any vintage home. It can easily highlight elements of architecture and give it a peaceful yet stated tone. Dark blue has a similar effect but is notably deeper and calmer.

If you are not entirely sold on blues, try blue-gray. Blue-gray homes have a feeling of serenity and balance and are best offset with white trim to give it a more nautical feeling.

Forest Greens

Green offers a historically winning color choice and evokes a natural yet eye-catching feeling. Nothing else quite says home like green. You and your guests will always feel welcome with this choice. If you’re worried about traditionally earthy colors being “boring” but still want the tie to nature, green is a great choice.

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