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Home Remodeling | Shelbyville, KY | Total Package PaintingPrimer prepares a material for the application of paint by acting as a sealant that should be used before painting for nearly every project. By covering the material with primer, the finishing coat will last longer and wear better in the long run. However, the proper type of primer must be applied for maximum effectiveness and durability, such as bonding primer under latex paint. The key is to use the right kind of primer for the job or you risk the first coat of paint soaking in or the finished product, leaving it looking unprofessional and blotchy.

At Total Package Painting, we have been the painting specialists of Shelbyville, KY, for decades because we understand the necessity in routinely assessing every project to professionally judge whether a job needs primer and, if so, accurately determining which primer and preparatory steps will deliver a superior paint job. To evaluate which primer would work best for your home or commercial property, here are 5 primers commonly used as an integral step in material preparation:

  1. Stain primer: If your home or office has stained walls or ceilings due to daily activities or as a result of water damage, an oil-based stain primer will ensure the top coats of paint will fully mask the stains and provide seamless coverage.
  2. Bonding primer: If you are choosing a latex paint, a bonding primer will work the best. Additionally, bonding primer is ideal for covering slippery surfaces, such as tile and marble.
  3. Wood primer: Certain types of wood will naturally soak up paint. A wood primer will seal the wood surface and allow the paint to sit on top of the material.
  4. Drywall primer: Drywall presents its own challenges when painting. In its pre-paint state, drywall is chalky, uneven, and can be super absorbent, which is why a sealant specifically created for drywall is needed.
  5. Masonry primer: Garages with concrete floors or brick walls require an application of masonry primer prior to painting to avoid streaking or pooling of the paint from adhesion failure.

Home Remodeling in Shelbyville KY

If you are considering interior painting or exterior painting for  your home or commercial property, you must choose a reliable, highly-rated painting or home remodeling company, like Total Package Painting, to ensure your complete satisfaction from start to finish. For the past 35 years, Total Package Painting has used only top grade products manufactured by proven brands to ensure that your finished project exceeds your expectations. For all of your painting or home remodeling needs, contact Total Package Painting of Shelbyville, KY, today by calling (502) 321-0387. Beginning with our free, no-hassle estimates and competitive pricing to our 2 year warranty on services, you will be glad you called Total Package Painting!