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If you feel like your home’s interior needs a facelift but don’t feel like painting every room in the house, take a second to think about the trim. Sometimes all you need to make your home look new again is refreshed baseboards, crown molding, or accents that have been treated to a fresh coat of paint. Painting your interior trim can not only give your home an instant upgrade, but can absolutely transform the appearance of an otherwise lackluster room or hallway. Here are a few benefits to rejuvenating your interior trim.

Accentuates decorative elements– Interior trims, moldings and baseboards add architectural detail, and therefore interest and style, to your home. Nothing is more boring than a “blah” wall with no pizzazz, and the architect made sure to add some zip to your house as it was being built! Unfortunately, over time, these decorative pieces of flair can become faded, stained or outdated, lessening their visual appeal. Luckily, sometimes all it takes is a new coat of paint in a trendy color, or one that provides an adequate amount of contrast and drama, to take these design elements into the next century!

Instant upgrade– You can always tell which decade a home was built in by looking at the interior trim. Older homes tend to use dark or natural-wood stain on the baseboards, banisters, and moldings, whereas newer homes built after the turn of the millennium tend to stick with stark white against a beige or muted earth-tone color wall. By simply painting your interior trim in a color that is more modern, you can instantly take years off your home’s life and make it look like a modern designer’s dream come true!

Easy and affordable– It can be incredibly time-consuming, not to mention prohibitively expensive, to do a major overhaul and paint every room of your house. However, simply painting the trim is an excellent way to get the desired results of a fresh new look at just a fraction of the money and time spent on the project. You’ll find that just giving your interior trim a fresh new look will get your home the same amount of attention and compliments that you would have received from a whole new paint job.

Total Package Painting can help you give your home the update it deserves. We are Shelbyville, KY’s go-to source for quality painting, excellent customer service, and affordable pricing. We really ARE the total package! Contact Total Package Painting today about our interior painting services, including interior trim updates. We look forward to hearing from you!