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When the time has come to remodel your home, window installation should be a top priority. Choosing the right windows won’t only make your home look fantastic—it is also a key component in making sure your home is energy efficient.

What factors should you consider in choosing the right windows for your home?

Function. First of all, think about how your windows will be used. Will they be decorative? Will they be used as a doorway or to let light into a dark room? Do they need to be operable to increase ventilation and let air into a room or can they be fixed? Answer these questions before you start in on the window installation portion of your home remodeling, and you’ll be in great shape!

Style. The best windows fit within the already existing style of your home. Windows should be an accent to the story that your home is telling. The architecture style of your home will provide the best framework for which window styles you should choose. Pinterest can be a great resource for images and inspiration to help you choose window that are in line with the style of your home.

Accents. Pick an accent color for your window frames that compliments the color of your home’s exterior as well as the colors of neighboring homes. Work with a professional painter to choose the best kind and colors of paint to make your windows stand out.

Energy. Did you know that many cities offer a tax credit for replacing outdated windows with newer, energy efficient models? Plus, you’ll save money on your energy bill! Make sure to hire a professional to do the window installation. Even the highest rated energy efficient windows won’t be able to do their jobs if they aren’t property installed.

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