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Painters in Shelbyville KY | Total Package PaintingTo keep your house looking beautiful, a couple of coats of high quality paint can do wonders for both the inside and outside of your home. If you are noticing signs that the exterior and/or interior paint is fading or chipping, it’s certainly time to schedule a consultation with a professional painting company. However, in order to plan ahead for an upcoming professional paint job, you may find yourself wondering how often you should paint your house.

The frequency with which you need to invest in exterior paint for your home depends on the type of exterior material of your home, the climate in which you live and what it looks like upon close inspection. Quality painted wood that sits in a mostly shaded area will last up to 10 years, while sections that are in full sunlight will need to be repainted every 5 years. Depending on the impact of spring’s rain spells and wintry conditions of our area of Kentucky, the time to repaint may be shortened. If you opted for a gloss or semi-gloss finish for your last exterior wood siding paint job, it may need new coats of paint every 2-3 years, whereas stained or clear finishes can last up to 5 years. Materials that may allow for a longer time in between paint jobs include weatherboard and vinyl, which is a popular choice in the modern construction of Kentucky homes. To inspect the exterior paint of your home, you may need to get up close to see whether cracking, chipping or weathering is occurring.

Similar to visually-inspecting the exterior of your home, you should also conduct the same examination on the interior walls and corners for chipping and extensive wear and tear. However, discoloration of the paint on the interior of your home may be harder to detect than chips as you stare at it every day. So, if you feel it looks dingy or you are ready to update the interior of your home, a professional paint job is your best option.

At Total Package Paint of Shelbyville, KY, our team of licensed painters provides every client with an expert, professional paint job by using proven techniques and the highest quality paint to successfully turn your tired-looking house into a sparkling home with a fresh look. Schedule a consultation with one of our paint experts to. Contact our friendly staff today to discover how affordable it is to invest in a long-lasting paint job and let us get to work on renovating the look of your home.