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2016 Painting Trends | Interior Painting Services | Shelbyville, KYFinding the right color for your home is never easy. It’s not just about personal taste or color preference – it’s about creating a feeling or state of mind when you walk into the room. In 2016, it’s all about creating stimulating environments with colors that are lively yet subdued. Benjamin Moore named “Simply White” the color of the year, while Behr’s color trend forecast includes a myriad of neutral tones as well as contrasting, subtle colors.

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Here are some of the biggest color trends for 2016:

Layered Whites

White is Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year, and it’s easy to see why. Layered whites evoke a feeling of peace and comfort while creating a space that is subtly beautiful. Amid a white canvas, every little bit of color in the room pops. Focal points become even more prominent, and spaces feel more open.

Contrasting Colors with Bold Lines

Don’t hide the sharp edges in your home – define them. A growing color trend is to define angles and edges in the home. Behr celebrates the trend of high contrast, where bright colors mix with subtle, dark and moody tones.

New color trends this year dare you to be bold, where dark blues and turquoises mix with warm pinks, yellows and browns.

Going with the sharp, defining trend, we’re seeing homes and offices creating horizontal borders at the top and bottom of the wall to open up the space and make it feel more expansive.

Farm to Table

The “farm to table” movement is moving indoors and affecting color trends this year. Natural, earthy tones harmonize with industrial looks to create a modern yet natural look. Grassy greens, subtle blues and deep rosy colors help bring the trend to life.

Happiness and Comfort

Grays continue to be a hot trend in residential and commercial spaces going into 2016. A comforting hue, gray pairs well with bright colors, like yellows and greens, which help create a welcoming, happy environment.

Oceans of Color

Sticking to the contrasting trend, we’re seeing a lot of ocean colors in 2016, and they’re being paired with subtle whites and creams to really make the color pop. Aquas, teals and emeralds continue to top the trend charts this year, and create a space that’s inviting, comforting and peaceful.

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Be bold in 2016 and try one of these color trends. Contrasting bright colors against a subdued, neutral backdrop will help create a home that’s both trendy and comforting. If you are considering residential painting services in Shelbyville, KY, contact our experienced painting company by calling (502) 321-0387