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Forget boring old beige – these 5 unique painting techniques will turn your walls into a work of art! For statement walls that really stand out, check out these cool painting ideas and incorporate them into your next home makeover.


Yipes! Stripes! Vertical or horizontal, stripes are a bold and creative way to make the most of your space. Not only do they create handy optical illusions, with vertical stripes drawing the eye upward to make the ceiling seem higher and horizontal stripes adding width to a small room, but they can add style and elegance with a little kick to any room of the house.


Catch a wave. Add a retro touch to your room with some colorful waves reminiscent of the mod patterns of the swinging 60s. This look is perfect for a teen bedroom, rec room or any other place in the house that could benefit from a splash of color. Groovy, baby!



Block party. A fun checkerboard pattern of alternating blocks of color makes a statement without having to shout. To keep your blocks interesting, yet understated, try to choose two shades of the same color, such as a light blue and a slightly darker blue. This will create depth and add visual interest to your wall without detracting from the rest of your décor.


Nature lover. Bring the great outdoors inside with a nature motif. Wall murals featuring beautiful flowers, trees or clouds can enhance your space and give your room a sense of ethereal beauty. You can use subtle nature-influenced patterns, such as leaves or monochromatic flowers, throughout your home, or go big and bold with a ceiling painted like the night sky. Let your imagination run wild!

Black Accent Walls


Paint it black. Though accent walls have been around for some time now as a design element, you rarely see one that is pure black. A black accent wall can add mystery and glamour to your space, not to mention make your decorative wall hangings pop! Go for a matte finish unless you are going for a more Asian-inspired look, in which case a lacquered, onyx look may be quite striking.

When it comes to painting your interior walls, don’t be afraid to dream big. If you are less than confident in your design abilities, however, we’re here to help. Contact the Total Package Painting pros today, and let us help you transform your design concept into a beautiful reality.

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