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3 Tips for Removing Wallpaper | Shelbyville Painting Service | Total package PaintingRemoving wallpaper can be as difficult as tearing up vinyl flooring, but there are tricks that can make the process somewhat easier. At Total Package Painting, our Shelbyville painting service can strip off old or outdated wallpaper, properly prepare the wall surface for painting and efficiently complete your project to save you a great deal of time and from dealing with a considerable mess.

However, if you would like attempt to do it yourself, here are our 3 tips for effectively removing wallpaper:

  1. Create small, superficial tears with a wallpaper removal tool.  Be sure to cut the wallpaper over its entire surface, but do not gouge the wall’s surface or you will also have to complete repairs to the drywall or plaster.
  2. Soak the wallpaper in 2 parts vinegar to 1 part hot water solution and let the solution sit for 20-30 minutes before spraying a second time. A spray bottle can help you to accomplish this step, but you must make sure to saturate the wallpaper or it will leave tough-to-remove sections of paper behind. Before you get to work on scraping off the wallpaper, test a section to determine whether it needs to be sprayed down again. You may need to spray down the wallpaper over a period of 2-4 hours before it’s ready for scraping. Be careful not to damage your flooring with the dripping liquid from the walls; this liquid will contain glue.
  3. Remove the wallpaper in sections with a scraping tool. Once you remove a section, wipe off the glue before moving to the next section. If you scrape off all the paper from the walls and then try to go back to wipe away the glue, the glue will have likely dried by the time you are ready to remove it.

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If you have never removed wallpaper before, you may be surprised as to how difficult and messy it can be. At Total Package Painting in Shelbyville, our painting experts can do all of the work for you with our commercial grade products, tools and equipment to remove that stubborn wallpaper and give your home a refreshing look. Find out more about our Shelbyville painting service today by calling (502) 321-0387. With our free, no-hassle estimates, you’ve got nothing to lose and a superior painting job to gain!