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Interior Painting in Shelbyville, KY | 10 Tips for Picking the Right ColorThe right paint color will add life and vibrancy to a room, while the wrong paint color will drain the life from the room. Color accounts for 60 percent of a response to any room, so if the color of a room isn’t just right, it will throw off the look of the room completely.

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This is what experts call “color psychology.”

The following 10 tips will help you pick the right paint color for your home or office interior painting project.

  • Start in a Small Space

A color may look great in pictures, but the same color may look horrible in your space. Painting just one accent wall to see how the color looks is not a bad idea. This will allow you to see how the room will look when the paint dries, and you won’t have to paint the entire room in the process.

  • Consider the Mood

Every room should provide a certain mood or ambiance for anyone inside of it. The kitchen, for example, is often a place of happiness and vibrancy, so people choose to paint these rooms with brighter colors.

A dining area can be social or quiet.

Warm colors are ideal when trying to provide a social atmosphere. A splash of contrasting colors is also a welcomed addition for a social room. Neutral colors and blues and greens are ideal when trying to create a formal ambiance.

Bright colors are great for lively rooms, such as a child’s room.

  • Lighting is Important

The lighting in the room is very important. Daylight brings out the true color of a paint, while incandescent lights are ideal for warm tones. Fluorescent lighting will cast a blue tone on paint, so it’s not ideal for all color options.

This is when you can choose to use accent walls to your advantage.

  • Learn Color Lingo

A little lingo can go a long way. There are a few very important terms to know:

  • Intensity is how strong or brilliant a color is.
  • Saturation refers to the dominance of a hue. For example, going from red to pink, red will become the less dominant color.
  • Value is how light or dark the paint is.
  • Hue is simply the color of the paint.
  • Experiment with Your Choices

Using poster board or even a wall, paint different colors to see which color you like best. You can use strong or soft colors or accent colors during your testing.

  • Use Decorative Finishes for Depth

Walls can be flat and dull. The easy way to fix this issue is to use finishes to add depth to the space. Colored glazes (layered) or mineral/metal finishes have a way of providing depth to a room. This is a great choice for a sunken living room, or a theater room.

  • Consider Color Transitions Among Rooms

Walking out of your room and into another will allow you to view the room in a whole new light. What you’re aiming for is viewing the room from an adjacent room. This will allow you to look at the space as a whole and provide a great transition from one room to another.

The goal is to look out of the door of one room, considering the colors of both rooms.

If they clash, it may provide an uneven mood setting and will not be as appealing as you would have hoped.

  • Use a Color Wheel

Color wheels allow you to view a color’s intensity and complementary colors with ease. This lets you choose intensifying color effects and provides a visual template of colors to choose from.

  • Leverage Monochromatic Schemes

Monochromatic color schemes can make a solid color fun and exciting. This can be done by:

  • Using accent colors that are warmer or cooler.
  • Using cooler colors for ambiance.
  • Using white or off-white as a tint or accent when trim is present.

Don’t just view a wall as a single color: you can make it fun with a monochromatic approach.

  • Mix-up Paint Finishes

The final tip on our list is to use different paint finishes. Different finishes provide varying effects on walls. For example, you can choose to use an eggshell finish on the wall and semi-gloss on the trim to create a different texture on the walls.

This is ideal for rooms with several windows as natural light will provide a nice, clearly defined difference among finishes.

Interior Painting in Shelbyville, KY

While it’s sometimes fun to take part in those DIY projects, hiring an interior painting professional is always a great option for when the project seems out of your hands, or you just don’t have the time. Total Package Painting offers great prices for exceptional service and quality. Give our friendly staff a call today at (502) 321-0387!