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Are you looking for a way to add beauty, class and elegance to your home! Crown molding may be the answer for you! Here are 10 different crown molding ideas that you can add to give your home the perfect look!

#1 Traditional ceiling. Crown molding is traditionally installed in ceiling, particularly the dining or other formal rooms. By going with a larger crown molding pattern, of five inches or more, provides a deep look of classic elegance added to any room.

#2 Doorways. Use crown molding as a way to outline and draw attention to your interior doorways. A classic lintel and post look.

#3 Tray ceiling. Use crown molding to turn a boring ceiling into a work of art.

#4 Outline windows. You can box out your windows and sills adding a bit more elegance.

#5 Wall rail. While chair rail or similar looks may have passed their prime, you can use a combination of paneling topped with crown to make a distinctive look for your room.

#6 Bump your crown. You can add a shelf/tray near the ceiling, but below the crown to give your room an feeling of extended height. This particularly looks good in a kitchen application.

#7 Block your board. Crown molding can be used to create a focal point with a permanent chalk or whiteboard area in your home. Crown molding helps frame the area and set it apart.

#8 Exposed beams. Did you know that you can apply crown to exposed beams in your ceiling? Add a unique look to the plain jane look and feel of the ceiling without going as far as installing a coffered ceiling.

#9 Mantle. Create a distinctive look with your own crown design flanking the mantle of your fireplace. A quick and easy way to update your living space.

#10 Add corner blocks. Corner blocks are something extra that you add in over traditional crown in the corners. Typically, the corners dive into each other. You can make your crown unique by turning the angle out instead or adding corner blocks to complete the look and feel.

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